Up here in the Keweenaw it doesn’t start to feel like summer until right around the solstice, when we have 16 hour days and hope of warm weather to come.  I say hope because June was, as it often is, rather wet and cool.  This worked out just fine for my productivity since I spent much of the month of June behind a sewing machine.  Perhaps I’ve mentioned before that this is not my favorite place to be, but the goal for June 2017 was to start getting my handwoven work out into the world and this just isn’t possible without some time spent stitching.

The first step to getting my work out there was to submit pieces to some of our regional galleries.  If you’d like to check out my fiber art in person, take a look at my summer schedule here. It’s still a little bit shocking to me when I see things that I’ve made hanging on a wall with my name printed next to it.

Another first for me was having a table at a craft show.  The event was part of the Juhannus celebrations in Hancock at the Finnish American Heritage Center. It took a lot of work to get ready for and a lot of energy to stand outside in 50 degree wet weather for a whole day. Let’s not talk about how much time I spent making and sewing together a handwoven sign for the table too.  And yet, it was  somehow so satisfying.  After a brief panic that nobody would want to buy anything I had made, I had the joy of meeting actual customers!  Among the many people who dropped by the table to chat was Kirsti Kauppi, the Finnish Ambassador to the United States, who was visiting our little town for the Juhannus weekend. Alas, I didn’t get a photo with her, but she was very kind.  Those of you who know me know that I love talking to strangers, so it was really a delightful way to spend a Saturday.

With some travel and work obligations on the horizon, I haven’t committed to any more summer shows. Stay tuned this fall though for more regional appearances at art shows and the possibility of an online shop as I continue to perfect the details on my cuffs and other items.

Oh! And I’ve also been playing some music too.  I had the joy of playing a sweet wedding ceremony last weekend at Algomah Acres Honey House and have a few public performances coming up.  Keep an eye on my music page here for my schedule of local shows.  I’m better about updating those schedules than this blog. And if you really want to keep track of me, find me on Instagram (@c.j.zed).  Happy summer!


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